1. Listen/purchase: Lupodighiaccio Lost Tape by Lupodighiaccio

    Digital version of the debut Lupodighiaccio tape. Recorder sometime around 1999. Originally circulated as a very limited edition tape.

  2. Work in progress, rough mix, and unmastered. Comments are very welcome, as this is a slightly new direction for Naxal Protocol. [The title is tentative too.]

  3. Sideline Magazine gives 8/10 grade to Naxal Protocol

    Excellent review on SideLine Magazine

  4. naxalprotocol:

    Official video for CazzoKraft, “Gamma Germination”.

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  5. 19:00~21:00 7/09(水)@DOMMUNE ZOO TAPES PRESENTS「PLATEAUX OF NOISE4」現代ノイズ進化論4





    <7/09水>19時■zoo tapes presents「Plateaux of NOISE4」現代ノイズ進化論4 LIVE&TALK:佐々木秀典(talk)linekraft(live+talk)screloma(live)JAH EXCRETION + Hanaka(live)

    佐々木秀典 (zoo tapes) http://zootapes.tumblr.com/

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  6. Official video for CazzoKraft, “Gamma Germination”.

  7. Naxal Protocol makes the occasional trip into harsh noise territories. Free download.

  8. Naxal Protocol Interview (in Italian)

  9. «This is noise, nothing more or less, and in the end I stopped playing it as I was starting to fear for my hearing and the small elements of ambient majesty certainly do nothing to abate the assault that has nothing to do with musical form, and everything to do with chaos.» http://www.mlwz.ceti.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=13015&Itemid=93


Naxal Protocol

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